Wednesday, 25 April 2012

blowin in the wind

So today I was told by Jasmine I wouldn’t be teaching and Emma and Caroline wouldn’t be working so we could all go to a seminar.. yes we wernt too sure either where we were going, or what to do, or why, but thought we’d just go with the flow and see where we’d end up! Jasmine had asked for my portfolio so I wasn’t too sure whether I was going to show it or something but she ended up just wanting it to look at again!! We got on a little mini bus with a few others which was a pretty bumpy ride… at one point I turned around to see Caroline on the back seat lifted in the air fully off her seat because of a bump in the road! Haha

When we got there it was like a storm had just started, the wind was blowing us everywhere.. the seminar was outside as well. There were red carpets leading to a big stage, there were balloons surrounding the stage that kept popping in the wind and plants that had blown over. We finally grabbed a goody bag which contained a free scarf. The seminar ended up being a little show with some dancers, a male singer and then some people in suits talked for a while. After it ended we were led inside and upstairs and we found a few of the dresses our class made at uni being displayed.. the dresses were made from a Chinese fabric made from milk invented in Ningbo. We also met the man who is the owner of this fabric company, a journalist, and a few English people. Over here if you see a western face you have to talk to each other, the conversation usually goes “YEYYY an English person” the lady I talked to turned out to be from Pudsey near Leeds… small small world!

Some girls seemed a bit obsessed with Caroline, we couldn't get them away!

And we found our flag!!!

I couldn't decide whether the camera took the picture at the right or the wrong time!!

These are some of the girls milk dresses from uni 

It was lunch time and we were taken to a hotel restaurant where the food was delish.. everything looked beautiful. It was a buffet and they had a bit of everything...

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