Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Tongue Twisted

Its so funny that talking to the chinese very slow and clear because they don't understand what were saying has rubbed on to each other... after speaking like this for the whole day has made it hard to stop the habit! 

I feel tired all the time at the moment but I love being so busy! I had an oral English class today with the same class as yesterday. I went round everyone trying to find out some simple questions to get to know them, everyone had thought up an English name for themselves, and they had prepared a few sentences to tell me. I heard a lot of my favourite singer is Justin Bieber, and they all told me where they had come from, and about hobbies and I got them to speak some tongue twisters. I thought they were better than the teachers had first told me at speaking, which makes it a bit harder to think up what to teach next time I think.

Straight after I had a class for the teachers teaching them English, they all spoke pretty well, but they seemed to want to know more about my university, how I study, and the lessons we have in England. They found it fascinating that we do so much self directed work, and that we didn't have lessons such as learning about colour, or fabrics as we source this independently. I showed them my portfolio and they said that no-one over here has work as professional as this, and students don't have many new ideas or new thoughts about how to design etc. I just think people over here design in a different way to people in England, they are taught very differently and they think in a different way to us. They are not as individual or can't make decisions for themselves. I think this is the same as freedom of speech in this country, they are not allowed to speak there own mind or have their own views.. I would find this so frustrating! But maybe its because of how I have been brought up?

After this there was a hurry to get interviewed by a man from the paper, the man had already been taking photos of me and the teachers for a while, but I feel like I'm used to people taking photos all the time now, at least they won't be all over Facebook as they are not allowed it over here! We were led to a smaller office with lots of tutors and everyone seemed panicked trying to find a seat. Me, Emma, and Caroline found it very funny how we were made to pose with a jacket staring at it like it was a new born baby or something while the photos were being took.. I'm being made to stare at this bloody jacket like its the first jacket I've ever seen!

Very hungry we went and found food.. I've been wanting to try dumplings since I've got here so we went to a little restaurant. No-one could speak English but luckily two boys nearby could translate a little. 

Dumplings look strange, but were actually nice.

       Caroline's ‘unique’ way of eating with chopsticks!

We took Emma for a burger and got the Chinese boys to write down some useful words in Chinese. We also showed them our note that Tong Tong has made us for if we get lost and we can show to a taxi driver, they found it hilarious as the translation of the Chinese writing says something along the lines of, ‘Get us back immediately! We are unsafe here! It is very important we can get back! We are in trouble! Our safety is important!’ … basically very dramatic haha! 

We also talked about where I should get off the bus tomorrow as I will be visiting ‘Tianyi square’ for some research about brands that my company like. They seemed very worried that I would get lost! They wrote a very confusing map of how to get there and made me go with them to make sure I was getting on at the right bus stop.

Getting anyone anywhere to write down some edible foods!

Is this the most confusing map you've ever seen?

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