Thursday, 19 April 2012

Evil Chihuahua!!

This morning I had a terrifying car journey with an evil chihuahua! Lindsay came and picked me up in the car and the chiwawa was sat on the front seat so I slipped into the back and it started growling and barking like he was going to bite me, it jumped on to Lindsays lap and trying to bite her she was terrified with her arms in the air flailing around she was scared to death! We had to pop to the shop and get some food for it to keep it entertained, I was just glad the thing didn’t jump into the back seat!

Lindsay cant actually speak any English but we have to talk to each other through ringing TongTong, it does take a while to understand anything! I found out we were going to Lao Waitan for a photoshoot for the summer collection. First we visited hair and beauty and met everyone then we got into a minibus with all the outfits filling the back seats.

The set was outside in-between Lao Waitan and Ningbo bridge, the model was from Brazil and spoke very good English. It was nice to talk to someone normally and not reallllly slow! I was told I should try and match the dresses and outfits with shoes, bags, hats, and other accessories. I put my own headscarf on her with one of the dresses which they seemed to really like.

After the shoot I said I had to get the bus back, I will never get used to all the people that stare at you around here, I have been told that for them its the same as us seeing a unicorn! While I was stood at the bus stop to come back one man stood straight on front of me just blatantly staring, I was on the phone to Kate at the time and I said to her why is this man staring at me like I'm in the circus or something??? She was like say hello! We have found if you just wave and say hello to people like this they get really embarrassed so to anyone who looks from now on I just say hello.. They usually shy off!!

Later we went for a mexican and after found a little Indian jewellery shop, I found a little bargain ring and necklace!

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