Sunday, 8 April 2012

'A few too many'

Catching up on yesterdays antics as we got in at 4 in the morning so didn't have a chance! After lunch we went to a market to look around and maybe purchase some bargains. Quite a lot of the shops had some cute things and I found a nice lacey dress and a bag (but later on the handle snapped off it!) I also found an embroidered top which only cost 90 yuen.. which is about £9, which was hand made. The place was a bit mucky and lots of mozzies sand I got quite a few bites, but it was worth it.

baby turtles which I thought were to buy for pets, but later I was told the chinese eat them.

Afterwards we went to Wai Tan for a beer, as we were sitting outside there were couples everywhere having photo shoots... We found out that these are for their wedding photos which they have taken before the actual wedding. 

But some couples were just in normal clothes which we didn't understand!

We went for a nice mexican meal then headed to another bar and met lots of people. We got up and danced on the stage teaching the chinese moves to dances such as 'Heyyy hey baby, ooooh ah, I wanna know if you'll be my girl' haha!

A crazy man danced for hours shaking his head around, talking to some locals this man comes here and dances like this a lot!!

Laura had broke the shoes she had bought a few hours earlier,  as well as my bag breaking the market probably isn’t the best place for “quality”!!

Today is Easter sunday.. I opened my card that my mum gave me from home. We went to the market for some dinner with Tong Tong and her husband and they invited another lady, her English name is lucy and she is an English teacher at the university. Her English was the best that I’ve heard so far, she seemed very clever and knew lots about England. We talked about how China is very different from England in lots of ways but there is also lots of ways it is similar. For example the one child rule, this rule changes if both parents have parents who are only child, and the couple can have two children. I do feel very glad that I come from England, it is much harder for the Chinese to get visa's, I also think people are treated more fairly at home, such as women are treated differently here. The government seems to cover up lots of things happening in the country, people would get in lots of trouble if they expressed their views on the people in power, and crime rates are very high even though people don't know about this. From talking to Lucy it seems if you see a crime happening a passer by would mind their own business just in case they would get in trouble. She also gave me some ideas for my own Oral teaching lessons on Wednesday. 

We drank lots of Chinese tea which I am loving.. my favourites so far are chrysanthemum tea, and Ooolong tea, I have even been and bought myself a flask so I can have some back at the room too!

Little bit nervous about the morning as I will be starting work at a womenswear company tomorrow. I have no idea what to expect really and no idea where it is or what its called, but I just hope it will be a really good experience and I will learn lots… Right I am up in five hours so better get my beauty sleep!

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