Thursday, 5 April 2012

First full day

Just sat on my bed after a tiring, surreal day. This morning a sweet lady (Tong Tong a teacher from the college) turned up for us to take us on the drive to Ningbo, the cute little bus we travelled on had lace headrests and cut flowers in pots next to the windows. We ended up stopping off for some lunch at a little services and we had our first taste of the food, it was very different from any chinese take-away I've ever eaten, and slightly regretting eating a strange looking egg! Everyone stares at you here, its like they've never seen anyone like us before (which a bit later we found out was true from some ladies in the canteen). Its so sunny and so much warmer than home here, getting back to the bus heres a snap of us, feeling pretty jet-lagged and wondering what was in store for us when we got to the college.. 

Getting back we climbed to the fifth floor with our bags to find our rooms, then went to the college for an intro with all the ladies in the fashion department. Ive found out I'm going to be put with a ladieswear company on my own for three days a week, and the other girls are in pairs with menswear and childrenswear companies. Also I will be teaching an English lesson and a lesson on fashion brands, for both will have to prepare something. Trying to talk to my tutor who couldn't speak a word of English was interesting, I think the only thing I could understand was her telling me to finish my chinese tea! Jasmine (one of the teachers) took us for tea with quite a few other teachers to a restaurant, where we all sat in a room where different foods kept being added to a spinning plate in the centre of the table. I like trying new things but the food over here might take a bit of getting used to!

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