Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Chinese ELLE!

Today I had an oral English lesson and we talked about life at college, most of them said it was “so so” in their own words. I asked why this was and basically they all said it was boring, they don’t have many lessons so they have lots of spare time. I don’t think they really make the most of their spare time though, most say their hobbies are sitting in playing on the computer, and sleeping a lot. I think there is so much to do and see I would want to get out and see everything! They seemed shocked when I told them I had visited Tainyi square every night this week, but I think I get itchy feet and want to get out of my room! This conversation lasted so long I didn’t even have time to go through my own presentation, this is good though as I can use it next week..

After I had my lesson with the teachers, two of the same ladies were the same from last week and there was two other teachers a lady and a man who are going to be visiting England with some students very soon. They couldn’t speak a sentence in English so I had to go back to basics, I gave them both English names. The lady was called something along the lines of ‘Maa leelee’ so I thought Marley and she seemed to really like it, thinking back maybe molly or maisie might have been more suitable!

With my ten minute gap between my lessons one lady came to talk to me and asked to see my portfolio again. She wanted to take some photos of it and took it to show some others, I just thought I would get it back after my next lesson but when I had gone to receive they had scanned every page!!!! I don’t mind but I hope it doesn’t get copied or anything.

Fiona wanted to show me a little magazine shop near my room because I had said I love magazines, so I went and bought a Chinese Elle, cant read any of it but I can look at the pics! I am missing chocolate lots and lots so I took a visit to find some and find the girls. 

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