Friday, 13 April 2012

snails and chicken feet!

Its a drizzly dull day in Ningbo and I didn't really know what the plans were for today, I went to Jasmines office for about 8 and she told me we were going to be visiting a company called 'Osier Girl'. Me, Jasmine, Tong Tong, and Sophie (who is my tutor but can't speak any English) all came and we visited a factory where the boss (Jack) gave us lots of lovely chinese tea and biscuits! After I went on a tour around the factory, first the sample room with lots of clothes for brands such as 'Tommy Hillfiger' and 'Fossil' I was scooting round the room and then was told I could choose some garments I liked to put on the rail in case they had other samples I could have for myself!! I really hope so!! Then I got taken to the rooms for making the samples and another for the patterns.

We then went to the main factory rooms where lots of garments were being made, these were massive rooms with lines of machines with people working as fast as they could. On some of the lines they had moving boxes in between the machines, the finished part of the garment would be put in the box and move on to the next person for the next process.

After the factory we traveled in Jacks flash Mercedes to a strawberry farm, here was a beautiful place, there were large mountains surrounding with greenery everywhere and it was next to a lake with verandas in the middle to sit in.

We went for some food in the restaurant next door, I got asked if I wanted to go look at the food before we picked. There were lots of fish in tanks just taken from the lake outside moments before, EELS AND FROGS, and lots of very interesting looking plates of god knows what!!  There were some alright looking things and luckily they ordered noodles, beef and peppers and I had some spring rolls which were beaut… I tried baby bamboo shoots, and wait.. it gets worse.. snails.. and it gets worse….. chicken fingers!! I kind of feel like I should try new things though and its not gunna kill me so im up for anything once. The snails I thought were a bit pointless because they were so small and you can only eat a certain part of it so there wasn’t much to eat anyway but I only took a small bite of the chicken finger or foot or hand or whatever it was and it wasn’t good! There was lots of fish too which I like but im never up for the amount of bones ive gotta fish out of it. I got told I was good at using chopsticks which is good!

Happy I can come back to my room and chill for a bit and prepare for my lessons, and company tomorrow. Think im still a little tired from the time change over here, skyping people is a little hard as there is 7 hours difference, so everyone is in the middle of their day when im going to bed. Its strange to think when I finish work, if I was at home I wouldn’t even be out of bed yet!


  1. They would have been Chicken Feet / Toes?

    I don't think chicken have fingers

    1. Yes thats the point! they told me they were chicken fingers!! haha