Monday, 16 April 2012

Flaunt that pout/ 'The Hangover three'

Half past 12 on a monday night and I'm thinking back to what I've done this weekend.. just been so busy theres been no time in the day to write up what we've got up to!

Saturday morning we wake to go meet a bubbly girl called Sammy, she had asked me, Laura and Kate to model some of the students clothes from the college earlier in the week so we thought why not for some extra cash! We drove to a little studio where there was a proper little make-up room and a few girls and an older woman waiting. They gave us all different looks and I ended up with the girly, smiley, barbie one and ended up in all the wedding dresses! hahaa..

Again.. so why do I get put in all the wedding dresses!!??

After about 6 o-clock we had finished and were all starving so we went for beef and peppers and a beer and then got ready to go out for the night in Lao Waitan...

Here is us planning to take the mick out of Laura for her famous 'pout'!! she never noticed till she looked back at her pictures haha...

Kate and Emma left earlier than us three and after 'one too many shots' getting back in the taxi was a struggle... even a chinese speaking man who was trying to communicate to the drivers couldn't get them to understand where the place where we were staying was. Showing our map didn't work and the taxi ended up in the middle of nowhere, there was only one option... check in to a hotel...

The morning after, waking up I felt like I was in the film 'The Hangover' what happened exactly I thought before opening my eyes to find I was in the most comfy bed I have slept in for weeks! Laura and Caroline were layed next to me looking 'not so fresh'!!!! hahaha

Waking up in the 'Shangri-La Hotel' a beautiful view of the city

On Sunday we went shopping in the town centre, I found a couple of bargains.. a nice top and a leather belt. 

Me and Laura in Tiyani square 

Chenghuang Temple Market - Just over the road from Tiyani square

In the afternoon we had all planned to visit Tong Tong and Peter's home for tea, they had also prepared a few of our favourite beers 'Tsingtao'. We also had some traditional chinese, rice noodles, soup, and beef.. pretty good stuff, they are both so sweet!

Chinese tea set... I definitely want a set of my own to take home

A few others joined too including Lucy's little girl who is very cute, and so well behaved!

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