Friday, 6 April 2012

"Will you be my girlfriends?" "Where she sits she shits!"

Waking up to a loud band outside I looked at the time and it was 6am, wide awake because of the noise I looked out of my window and all the students of the college are running around the running track!... this is what they have to do every morning apparently.

We then met Tong Tong and got on a bus with other students for a visit to a company which produces childrenswear garments, the company is called 'Ningbo joyous garments'. I found this very interesting as I have never seen how a product is developed from a design, to pattern, to production, and packaged in a big company. All the workers here get one tiny job in the making of a garment, for example one machinist might make a pocket and the next a button etc, and they will do this same job for the rest of their lives. 

Later we ended up going for some noodles and beef in a little restaurant, which were pretty yummy and was pleasantly surprised. Then to Wai Tan where we said we would go to Tong Tong's English class with her. As we entered the room late an oooooh and an ahhhh came from everyone as we walked in which was slightly embarrassing, when the people in the class were asked to ask us questions one man shouted will you be my girlfriends? to which we replied, "sorry we all have boyfriends!" but we ended up joining in with the tongue twisters as everyone copied. One began,

"I saw Susie sitting in a shoe shine shop.
Where she sits she shines, and where she shines she sits"

as Laura read it aloud to everyone she pronounced sits with shits! I don't think anyone else understood why we were laughing so much hahaha!

Afterwards we went for some drinks in Wai Tan which is such a pretty place. We all got pictures by the river then went to office bar which is a place where most foreigners go, it was kind of nice to see some more familiar faces after feeling so different from everyone else! Chinese beer is pretty much the best drink in every place we've been so far, but here we had our choice of cocktails. The Australian teacher of the English lesson had invited lots of the chinese to talk to us... They are all pretty shy people but I talked to a man called Cyril who told me he loved the queen and her accent, so I felt obliged to talk posh to him for a while! He also grew a soft spot for Caroline and her blonde locks and blue eyes and described her as an 'angel'!!(although I am sure he was batting for the other side) I found it funny how he described Chinese men as gentlemen, where English men are not, ha! Funny Funny Funny day.

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