Tuesday, 10 April 2012

THE weirdest day...

Well yesterday was strange to say the least!! I got picked up at about half 8 to go to the company I will be working at. Another lady 'Fiona' who I am teaching my Fashion brand came with me and two other ladies for the first hour because the others couldn't speak any English. I am with a company called 'Mudoliy', they sell garments online in China but want to expand into shops. I got showed all around the place, people were following and taking photos while a lady took my camera off me and took pictures. We went to the general managers office which was like something from a bond movie.. the room had a massive fish tank with scary looking fish in it, and some leather sofas in a side room with huge gems in the centre of the headrests, his cigarette was burning on the ash tray on his desk. He talked to the other ladies for a while then we had a picture all together.

These are some design boards of the next season's collection.

This is a production room where people were making sample garments.

From the left, Fiona, Sophie (a lady from the college), me, The general manager, and Lindsay the designer. 
Im not a massive giant everyone is just really small!!!

This is an embroidery machine, I was told they were garments being made for the middle east.

After looking round the lady who could speak any English left and I was taken to the designers office and she told me about two brands 'Mo & Co' and 'Urchely' who they aspire to be like. The way they design here is very different from England, they find items of clothing they like and change a few things about it to make it their own, in England we would use research to create new designs from scratch. I worked out after a while of trying to understand Lindsay wanted me to create a QQ account which is what everyone over here uses to talk to each other. I understood she wanted me to produce a powerpoint presentation but she hadn't told me what on so i guessed I had to make my own concept up and produce a colour board with inspiration. This was not what she wanted because by just before lunch she told me the concept which was 'Space, time travellers' by sending me a powerpoint presentation on this theme. 

For lunch a strange girl who just giggled at me when I tried to say a word to her came down and grabbed some strange looking green veg and rice, I eat the rice but she wasn't eating which was pretty weird, plus her taking pictures of me while I was eating was even weirder! I feel like an alien here as everyone stares.. it is the strangest feeling. 

After lunch it was frustrating that I had no clue what I was doing but then after creating some more slides, she said I had used the wrong colour scheme and sent me another one! Oh well I'm sure it will get easier next time, I am told people who speak English will be in so fingers crossed!

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