Wednesday, 18 April 2012

2Pac has risen from the dead.....

Last night we ended up going out for some food in Lao Waitan, we picked Indian and seemed a good call. We were very hungry so ordered too much, the sauces were slightly different but it was nice. The food was much richer than everything else weve been eating and I felt a bit icky when I got back.

Chicken Tikka Masala actually tasted good with chinese tea!!

In the taxi coming home I sat in the front, it was a different experience to sitting in the back… very scary. The man was swerving, beeping, shouting, and nearly catching everyone’s back door… I felt my life flash before my eyes!! In the back the girls in the back were talking about ‘2Pac’ a rapper who apparently died quite a few years ago. I asked who he was and they told me he had ‘risen from the dead’ in a concert and that he had faked his death!!! When we got back to the room they insisted we watch the concert with Kate, Laura, Emma and Caroline saying things like “This will go down in history”,“Elton John was seen to be in on the plan”, "Michael Jackson couldn't get away with that", “Diana might still be alive” and "Its recently been said, Elvis could have done the same". To be honest he looked like he had been working out wherever he had been for all them years! 

Earlier in the day I had found a good way of cleaning my clothes with a toothbrush and soap (not my toothbrush I might add) but it worked very well!! So after sitting with the girls I had gone and checked them in the sink and Laura and Kate left the room acting slightly odd, like they had done something naughty. I came out and Emma started laughing at me and I realised that they were taking the micky and 2Pac actually never rose from the dead! How do I fall from these things?? It didn't even dawn on me once... looking back at the videos they even fully say hologram on them!

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