Saturday, 21 April 2012

little bit of sight seeing and a chinese head massage

Caroline and Emma had to work today but me Laura and Kate wanted to go look around the city, Jeremy a friend who we met the other night came too to show us the city, he knows it very well so it was really good he could guide us round..

Papped in the city

A bridge in 'Moon Lake', there are gardens surrounding a lovely lake.

I love the artwork on the walls, around every corner there is something different to look at.

Hidden treasures

Spot the odd ones out...

We visited the 'Ancient Library' and found a family to join in the picture with! I even got to use my nus card to get a discount on entry!

Some creepy man kept following us round though, he’d come up to me and Kate and offered us his houses in Shanghai and Hangzhou to stay and really wouldn’t take no for an answer! Seriously there are some freaks here, he was walking round on his own with a briefcase, we really didn’t want to imagine what he had in there! Making an excuse to leave as we saw a toilet nearby and he followed, “I think I like you, you make good impression on me, I hope we can be friends, you can give me telephone number” ahhh scary! 

The attention to detail on everything was incredible, I especially like the carvings on the walls.

Passageways through the lake

The ancient buildings were beautiful, there is too much to look at here.

Don't know who this is, I'm guessing one of the owners of the library. Just thought he was the funniest looking out of the lot!
So after the library we were starving, Papa Johns was calling us! Afterwards a chinese head massage was in need, it was like nothing I've ever experienced.. We got sat in chairs in a row and got shampoo squirted and water poured on the back of our heads, the man started foaming it up on the top of my head and then it started.. The thumping, slapping, pulling, and vicious neck massaging! I got led to the lay down sinks.. we definitely need these in England. Then back to the chair where my real massage would take place, I got a head, shoulders, and arm massage all in one. It was surreal the things they were doing to us, they definitely hit my funny bone!

I think they were all a little excited.. and we got a photo with everyone.

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