Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A bit of Burberry!

Today was a good day, the night before I had been up late doing a powerpoint presentation on 'Burberry', but I got a little sleep in and got up to go meet with a lady who wants us to do some modelling as we have "exotic faces" as she put it in her own words!! haha..

I went to my lesson and it ended up being about thirty girls and one boy, I had been told by the other girls some of their lessons were rowdy and didn't listen, but I was lucky my class were lovely. I told them about the history of Burberry, trends, advertising, and basically a whole range of things about the brand. I didn't think the presentation would be over as quickly as it did but they seemed to have better English than I had first anticipated. They have a ten minute break in the middle of their lessons when a tune plays through the speakers and I went round the class talking to the students. Fiona who was translating what I was saying told me I would be having the same class on Wednesday for Oral English, we set everyone to choose their own English name and prepare three sentences to speak for me tomorrow. I then spoke about lots of pictures referring to the Burberry brand, and finally they wanted to see some of the work I had done at home so I put some things I had made up on the screen.

A bit later I met up with six of the girls because they said they wanted to take me out for tea. We went to a little Chinese restaurant and luckily I had my little book to show with a beef and peppers dish written down in it, so I could order something I knew would be nice! We talked about hobbies, where everyone was from and interests, they wouldn't let me pay which was sweet. I found Laura and Kate in the burger place next door, and we went and bought some of our favourite chinese beer for back in the room!

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