Monday, 16 April 2012


Today I have been working with my company for the second time. Tong Tong came with me this morning to help translate and I am much happier now that I understand what I have to do. I am so excited to be able to design what I want! I will have to source my own fabrics from markets, and get 4/5 sample outfits made for in a few weeks. The other designers were in today so it was good to meet everyone else, another girl called Angela could speak a bit of English after coming to Manchester for a couple of weeks a few months ago which was nice. I like how they just let me get on with what I wanted. Throughout the day I kept being passed strange looking foods which i politely had to turn down - "Im so full, sorry"! (didn't fancy a green salted egg!)

After work we decided a visit to pizza hut was in need!!! It was lovely to have something a bit more normal and it tasted the same as the pizza in England thank god! No-one could speak English but luckily we got everything we ordered. After we had a trail round the shops, I liked 'Peacebird' it is quite similar to 'Topshop' my fave..

We found a love heart in Tiyani square... every moment is a photo opportunity and some random boys joined in on the picture?? We feel like celebrities getting photographed all the time!

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