Saturday, 21 April 2012

"Cheeky Cheeky"

Yesterday I went to the company, I sat with the designers on my own desk and could really get on with my designs all day… My illustrator skills are going to be tip top! I wanted to try and get back on my own instead of having to get a lift and Angela one of the girls who works at the company said she lived near where I am staying so I got the bus with her. She started writing down which bus stop, bus numbers, and names of places down for me for if I had to get it on my own – very confusing though! It took two buses to get home and we got off the first bus and walked to the other bus stop for the next. People were whizzing by on motorbikes and a few actually got off their bikes to stand next to me at the bus stop!! (crazy people!!) Im quite glad I don’t understand a word anyone is saying round here or I would probably be more concerned haha. Angela kept changing her mind on the bus I should actually get on which was a bit worrying.. Luckily I saw the number 1 bus which I know passes by where I stay, so I hopped on it and it was all good thank god! Home safe and sound.

We had decided to visit a steak house for tea, I quickly got ready and we got the bus to Tianyi square.. it was very yummy grub, just what the doctor ordered! After tea we fancied a few drinks in Lao Waitan… Me and Kate got in one cab, the driver was literally insane repeating everything we were saying “Lao Waitan, Lao Waitan” “Cheeky, Cheeky” in a really high pitched voice! It was so funny!

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