Sunday, 13 May 2012

21 today!!!!!

Hangzhou for my birthday weekend...

We travelled up to Hangzhou on friday to visit Laura and Kate who have been on placement there, the first day we went for a scoot around some little shops then at night for some grub and met up with a girl called jocelyn and a few others who Laura and Kate work with.

We went to a little bar after food where everyone did a countdown for my birthday at 12pm then the band that was playing sang me happy birthday!!! Had a lovely night but tomorrow was the big party night so we were saving ourselves!

The next morning Me Caroline and Emma visited the silk markets, there were lots of nice brightly patterned silks here.

We were very lucky with the weather and grabbed a little boat on 'West Lake' 

It was interesting hearing about the myths of the lake, and the pagodas surrounding it.

Back to Lao Waitan for drinks!

So we headed back to Ningbo and the girls had got me a lovely silver buddha for on my silver chain! We headed out and they surprised me with  birthday cake in the middle of a bar and had organised music such as 'Celebrate good times come on!' to be played, it was such a good night and really made my 21st special! Thank you girls xxx

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Photo's from the shoot...

I found the photos from the modelling shoot me, Laura, and Kate did. This gives you some kind of idea what the students work is like, I can't stop laughing at Kate with her gun!!!....