Thursday, 10 May 2012

A slice of tomato and chocolate cake please!!!

Monday was my last day at the company, it was just goodbyes.. I felt a sense of excitement once I had finished, that all the hard work is over and for travelling around China next week! On Tuesday me Laura and Kate popped into Tianyi square for a few bits and bobs and we booked all the flights for next week... I have been put in charge of the itinery for everything so I have been hard at work this week, also doing my presentation for Monday, my evaluation, and my report on the experience. 

On Wednesday I had been told to go see Jasmine because she had bought me a birthday cake as it is my birthday on Saturday.... I arrived at her office and saw a massive cake box on her desk, I thought this was so sweet!

Yes they are tomatoes on top of the chocolate cake! haha

Later in the day I joined Emma and Caroline at their work 'Intrex' as it was the fashion show for the next seasons clothes, there was such a good atmosphere, and the place looked beautiful. We had tea and a few beers before watching the menswear show...

On Thursday me Emma, and Caroline visited a knitwear company called 'Dankeyun' I am very interested in knitwear so I was really glad I could see the production of it. 

The delicate embellishment the ladies were doing on some garments was beautiful, I think its mad you could buy a cardigan like this for about £30 when so much fine work has gone into it.

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