Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday in Shaoxing

On Sunday we woke and went to find the floor with breakfast.. it was the strangest mix of food I have ever seen! I had a mix of rice, noodles, sweet toast, swiss roll, fried donut, sausages and melon!

As usual Jasmine didn't meet us on time so we were waiting around for a bit, we seemed to have been given the task of entertaining a little girl called cheechee. She was absolutely mental and would not keep still for one second! Her mum and dad looked completely shattered so we felt good for taking her off their hands for a little bit!

Before the show we were shown around backstage

Me and Laura sat somewhere different to the other girls, we were put in seats by the reporters. This was because we were asked to have some questions asked after the show. There is always lots of introductions before every show, we heard our names which were our call to stand up for everyone to look at! Then it was the show...

Afterwards we were asked by reporters some questions, and some even filmed us. They asked us things like, what do you think of the future of the fashion at our university? And what do you think about the show? We had to be very positive about everything..

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