Wednesday, 2 May 2012

rice wine!

Sunday... we woke up nice and early after a few cocktails the night before and we were off! Markets, markets and more markets were the plan for today, and I did get a few cute bargains too. Wandering through 580 Nanjing west road there seemed some pretty good stuff, lots of fakes but good fakes at that. You've got to watch these people on the stalls though, at first they may seem sweet, but they can turn on you like the wind! Pearl market was a little crappy in comparison to the first, then visited a few department stores.

Later on we had some very yummy japanese food (teppanyaki) which was cooked in front of us. Jeremy is very good friends with Laura now so he came to Shanghai to see her and brought a few friends along to the restaurant. We also tried Japanese rice wine which were in little chinese shot glasses, there is a game where we all balance our chopsticks on top of our beer glasses and place the shot glass with the rice wine on top, everyone bangs the table until the shot lands in your beer and the first person to finish the drink is the winner.

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