Tuesday, 1 May 2012

quick catch up on the company from last week!

So on Thursday I was at the company, designing I the morning and in the afternoon sourcing fabrics for garments that would be made as samples. This consisted of printing the design specifications and copying as closely as possible with zips, buttons and fabrics putting everything in a large envelopes. Then they are given to production, the pattern is made, and then the sample garment is made and after any changes will be made for the final piece. Later I met Caroline and Emma for tea, feeling that we need to try new things we caused a bit of a kafuffle in the restaurant trying to order noodles, in the end we had to ring someone who could speak Chinese to the ladies!

Friday I was at the company again and one of my vests was chosen to be made into a sample. I went into the fabric room and cut quite a few pieces which I thought would suit my design

I got taken out for lunch, six of us drove to an area that I hadn’t been before and didn’t look very pleasant outside. We entered a little restaurant and the first thing I saw was a dead dog!!!! It was skinned and ready to be eaten… I was just happy that wasn’t on my plate! Before you go to your table you have to pick what you want to eat from lot of plates of food and then they cook it for you. The lady taking our order was cute though, she insisted on a picture with me and apparently said we could have money off our meal because I was beautiful… so sweet! I saw some chicken and spring rolls which looked alright so I picked them and then we went to our table. The food was actually pretty tasty. I tried some fried pumpkin, and they actually had roast potatoes!!

When we got back we were just finalizing the fabrics with Lindsay, I am so excited to see the sample next week.. 

Angela asked if I fancied going to the hairdressers with her after work, she said where she went was the best in the area, emma and Caroline joined too. When we got there it looked like a really nice hairdressers, and it was packed. They took us to our seats and I decided to be daring and showed them some pictures of a blonde dip-dye that I have been thinking about for ages... The hairdressers were really caring though and even though it took ages they didn't rush, it took 5 hours and we were in their till 12pm! Emma's hair went from brown, to yellow, to orange, to red, to blue, and eventually to a nice brown, and they even ordered us KFC.. so cute! My hair turned a little blue because of too much toner but luckily it washed out the next morning.

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