Sunday, 6 May 2012

A weekend in Shaoxing

So on Thursday and Friday I was at the company, my sample top had been made with temporary fabric. Lindsay wasn't sure yet whether the fabric would be swapped for a flower pattern but this was more expensive so she was still deciding. I had also designed lodes more trousers to match with the top and she chose a pair, then I went and chose fabrics. For lunch on Friday I got taken to the same restaurant as last week, saw a lot of dodgy looking things as I walked in.. luckily the snake in the jar wasn’t for me! For tea me, Emma, Caroline and Kate were starved so we nipped to the little restaurant near us and found a new yummy dish… Very similar to sweet and sour chicken at home.

On a very sunny Saturday we travelled to an ancient town called Shaoxing. The schools fashion show would take place on the Sunday for the students work, so Jasmine had organised a hotel for us on the Saturday night. We went to look at the fabric markets through the day, I found my perfect fabric shop!! I wanted to buy everything in there, but allowed myself 3 different ones and got given lots of samples. It was so well priced compared to England... 

After the fabric markets we went to a little Ancient town in Shaoxing and went down the river on boats...

It was a very pretty town and is well known for its bridges

For tea we were taken to a restaurant with everyone, there was lots of new things to try but they still ordered our favourite beef! In the taxi earlier in the day we were told about a bar very near to our hotel so we decided to take a look. At first we were put off by the fact it said S&M on the sign in the doorway, but we were told it was not a strip club, after a while of umming and arrring we decided to take a look and see for ourselves. The man on the door ended up letting us in for free and inside it seemed like a good lively club, we were led to a table and were waited on hand and foot..... 

We realised it was an S&M themed night when acts wearing bondage came onto the stage and started acting out promiscuous dance moves!! haha

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