Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Charming streets

So me and Caroline climbed out of our hovel early on Monday morning.. don't know how we did it after the night before! We have found a branch of bread shops called '85 degrees' or something very similar, they sell so many lovely cakes, breads, pizza etc. I grabbed a donut and we headed for a wander to peoples square, ladies were doing an early morning dance class in a big group, it was so sweet. 

Caroline found a man dancing on his own to the music, she decided to go and join in with her own 'irish dancing'!! it was so funny!

Having a wander round the city is usually the time when you see the most interesting things. Everything from everyday life, the poor to the rich and creative art on the walls.

This man was painting the inside of these perfume bottles with a little hooked brush, it was so detailed and intricate.

Outside the super brand mall

They literally have the cutest kids here!

We went to the urban planning museum, to be honest I didn't really get why people were so enamoured by it...

Jingan Temple - a temple of peace and tranquility for Buddists. Its name translates to mean the hall of heavenly kings.

Here you pay a donation for a few burning sticks.. I guess you burn them for someone you love in heaven, mine is the one nearest to the pillar to the left.

Throwing money into the centre of the pot, this place is very charming. Kate broke her bracelet and we decided to throw a few of her beads in it, it must be good luck right??

This was a huge silver buddha, he was the most beautiful I thought.

While I have been here I have seen lots of people with disfigurements, such as no legs, or arms, and so on. Outside the temple there was a man begging with no hands and a very disfigured face, he was moving his head from side to side like someone who had gone crazy, I can't help wondering why he has got into this state. He obviously can't even pick up the money so someone is using him for this! I am told here begging is a business, if you have ever seen 'Slumdog Millionaire' I couldn't help thinking to the part where the little boys were blinded because they would get given more money for begging, things like this must happen here. Its a tricky situation because if people didn't give them money they have no public services so what would they do? They also don't have a national health service so if you are poor you wouldn't get any help, many of the disfigurements may be from industrial injuries though.

The WFC - we went to a lovely cocktail bar in here, if you look up we were above the clouds on this picture.

Our very smoggy view of a nearby skyscraper

Me with the most expensive cocktail I have ever drunk!!

These were the poshest toilets I have ever been in, you could even get your bum washed and dried!!!

A Shanghai evening - We went to Hooters for tea and I had spag boll!! It was amazing I didn't realise how much I had missed pasta!

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